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Studio profile

VITO BICA — Design consultancy was founded in 2015, devoted to helping people and businesses acting in a pop cultured tech world to capture more value by Design. Our studio creates desirable futures, anomalous aesthetics and super-sharp design systems / methods for your business growth.

The difference

Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, UX/CX to name a few are the new Advertising, Campaigns and Big Idea shit. Same, same. Still most agencies sell their core skills based on costs, not values. They sell digital transformation, but the truth is: digital doesn't really matter — it's just transformation. Your products don’t have to look shitty as a result of lousy UX Sprints. Dieter Rams knew it better. We don’t offer discipline-centric solutions, but meaningful experiences led by a systemic mindset and a vision that everything is open to be continuously transformed.


adidas, BMWi ›, DER Touristik, Fédération Équestre Internationale, OTTO Group, KICKZ, zalando,, ZAGENO ›, Red Bull


Vito Bica (*1978) grew up in Heidelberg with Rap, Snap, Graffiti, Reservoir Dogs, Public Enemy, Def Jam Records and Lingeries. He completed his studies in Media Arts and Graphic Design with a focus on systems theory with an M.A. at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design.

Vito Bica is best known for his systemic design methods, for turning things bottomside up and for behaving like the beloved bastard son of Princess Sissy, Sherlock Holmes and Napoleon Bonaparte. He’s also known as the Venus in wolf’s clothing and Mr. Charrogant. From 2010 to 2015 he worked as an Art Director and later as a Creative Strategist for BBDO, DDB, Jung von Matt, Publicis and in 2010 he co-founded the start-up Space Bonding, which is known for it’s evidence-based co-design practices with multiple stakeholders in complex urban planning scenarios.

Terms of collaboration

Love the other. No execution without a strategy — co-strategy. No best practices. No creative options, just the best. Never repeat. We focus on outcomes, not costs. co-design means co-work.


We're always looking for great talent to join the SUPERCLASS program. Our internship program is intended for pre-graduates in the fields of Design Research and Visual Communication and last at maximum 3 months. SUPERCLASS is a creative prep for your life in creative business. Please send us your portfolio or scientific papers as PDF / Link.