ZAGENO Identity


Designing strategies for a startup that redefines how scientists can master their challenges — better.


In the past scientists were merely regarded as eggheads — dr jekyll focusing on breakthrough results. things changed towards quick wins and trivial publications but they are still being regarded as eggheads. the industry will (have to) shift from what we investigated. life sciences researchers are on the dedicated mission to make the world a better place through technology. they are becoming the cool mr hyde as part of a networked culture composed of humans and technology. research is zeitgeist. zageno is a boston and berlin based startup with a dedicated mission to help life sciences researchers to master their challenges by buying the right experimentation kits in proven scenarios, e.g. products with scientific proof. the result of our collaboration was a remarkable positioning strategy and brand assets that reflect a true understanding of zageno’s customers, and a well understandable and differentiated product and service that leverages the customer to reach his goals.

Breaking up with industry standards

we applied semiotics to explore scientists' behavioural change throughout the past decades and by envisioning the ones to come to create a desirable future that gets to the customers' hearts.

How we helped zageno to shape their future

  • We developed a positioning strategy that puts the customer and the harbingers of cultural change within the industry at the core of any communicative effort and thus created a brand that is fully understandable and accepted within the community
  • Devising the right tactics to break down the positioning strategy into purposeful brand assets at serving sizes. An API-driven approach that gives a brand more decision power within communications.
  • Defining the rules and logic to address customers with the right semantics
  • Making customers' endeavors understandable to build a focused content strategy
  • Creating a visual identity that transforms scientists from Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde, because they deserve it and will turn them more likely into loyal customers.